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Do you work on a sheep farm?

With any livestock, monitoring their weight is one of the most important aspects to ensuring a healthy growth. With this in mind, we're here to provide you with the equipment you need to help you do just that. From initial design through to the production of your chosen equipment, S&M Engineering should be your first port of call.

Get the perfect weight

By keeping control of your animals' weight you're maximising your overall profits. It enables you to work out the optimal amount of feed you should be giving them, allowing you to adjust it when necessary, which ensures your animals are healthy and money isn't being wasted. We can provide you with equipment for both young and mature sheep.

What can we offer?

 •  Lamb weigh bridges

 •  Weighing equipment for fully-grown sheep

 •  And much more


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Other products

As well as providing equipment for sheep farmers, we can also design and manufacture machinery for cattle farmers. Why not browse through our products for cattle?